escape=the=strange=dreamDid it ever happen to you to have a bad or just strange dream, to know that you’re dreaming but still be unable to wake up and eventually go back to sleep to dream about something better? I know I had the problem quite a few times and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Fortunately, the same can’t be said about today’s daily escape: I Had a Strange Dream Escape (and no, don’t ask me why is that “Escape” there in the title!).

Just like the dreams you can’t escape from, I Had a Strange Dream proves to be a very tough one to get out of (even though, apparently at least, it’s nothing that strange or scary about it). Lots of pixel hunting, tons of puzzles that apparently make no sense and mad searching will be the things you’ll have to do in this game which manages to get past the “game for idiots” escape the room games that seem to flood us lately.

So head on to the game’s website, try to find the hot spots, try to solve the puzzles, get frustrated after five minutes and wait for a walkthrough. That’s the bad thing about bad dreams: they’re simply bad.

Click here to play I Had a Strange Dream Escape.