dead-frontierI kept saying it and I will probably do it for some time: I love games with zombies, be them brainless button mashing pieces of crap or complex strategy or tactical games. Today’s free flash game of the day, Dead Frontier: Outbreak, is on the can be put in the second category. Kind of…

The thing is that the game is completely text based and it’s a multiple choice game. If you’re not in the mood for reading, then don’t try the game. If you’re not ready to start over a few times (there’s no save option in the game!), then don’t try this flash game. Of course, if you don’t like zombie games, don’t try this game.

Otherwise… DON’T MISS IT!

It’s simply amazing and to be honest, I forgot how cool this text based multiple choice games really were. Basically, the game starts as the zombies (or “the infected”) start taking over the world and you have to get out of your office (or not) and save your wife (again, or not). Most important thing is to save your own skin from getting infected, and that will certainly be the most difficult part. But, boy, it will be fun!

You’ll start in your office and your actions will decide what happens next: will you try to save your co-worker from an infected and risk getting bitten or you will let it be and save your skin. Dead Frontier: Outbreak seems a lot like real life and less like blockbuster action movies: usually, trying to be the hero will get you killed because, uhm… you’re not a hero or a super man, you’re simply an office worker that has to stay alive.

To put it short, I simply loved the game – so much that I even created an account for the MMO its promoting and I’ll probably spend the entire afternoon playing it (if it’s as cool as this free flash game). If you want to risk getting addicted to something many would consider “anything but a game”, give Dead Frontier: Outbreak a try by clicking here. You won’t regret it!