hexagon-escapeYou find yourself locked in a hexagon shaped room and, of course, you have to escape it. That’s what I love (and probably you do too) about escape the room games: they don’t need that much of a story and they’re still pretty fun.

Of course, Hexagon Escape doesn’t even try to do better than other escape the room games: even though a hexagon (aka 6 walls), the room you’re stuck in only has four different views, proving that developing escape the room games and releasing them on a bi-weekly basis can let you dry of ideas.

Still, Hexagon Escape is the best escape the room game released today and it manages to challenge you a bit without exaggerating, of course – it is your regular 123Bee game, which means it’s neither top class, nor poor quality.

Two things bothered me in Hexagon Escape, though: putting the right navigation arrow and a hot spot (blue cabinet) in the same place and the absolutely maddening sound of the clock ticking. That’s the only soundtrack of the game so… what were they thinking? (Fortunately, you can turn the sounds off, so it’s not such a biggie in the end).

Either way, you should give Hexagon Escape a try, today’s recommended escape the room game. Click here to play it!