crush-the-castleIf you loved playing the original Crush the Castle and managed to finish it thanks to my tips and tricks (or all by yourself), you will be really happy to hear that the Players Pack (aka extra missions) has been released and, even though it doesn’t deliver any revolution to the original game, it still gets the free flash game of the day award simply because… well… it’s Crush the Castle!

Now you will be able to play 50 new levels – all created by the fans of the game and chosen from over 1,400 submissions, so you can understands that we’re talking about some really high quality maps here. The beginning of the game is easy (a bit too easy, I could say), but things will get complicated soon and the fatidic level 17 (or any level you start with in the third batch) seems to be the one that is the most difficult to beat.

But don’t worry! I am sure that you will love today’s free flash game of the day Crush the Castle: Players Pack and you’ll do your best to grab all the medals in play. So head over to Armor Games and give Crush the Castle: Players Pack a try!

Have fun!