mushroommadnessThe title will certainly make some of you think about some more or less illegal substances, but that’s not the case. Today’s free flash game of the day really deals with the classic mushrooms and does it in a real fun way, too. Unexpectedly fun, I might add!

In Mushroom Madness you have to guard a bunch of mushrooms from awful threats like hedgehogs, bears or birds – which can all be destroyed with a classic swatter or some more interesting weapons like machine guns, shotguns, traps and even bombs. You will need a quick hand and quick reflexes and a solid mouse, since you’ll be doing lots of clicking and you will certainly have loads of fun playing the game.

Every now and then minigames can be completed for extra fun (or they can be skipped entirely) and of course, you can purchase all sorts of upgrades, from extra ammunition for your guns to different strike types.

Mushroom Madness looks charmingly cute, offers you a pretty varied array of choices and gameplay options and it even becomes quite challenging in the later stages, making the free flash game a complete one you will certainly have loads of fun playing.

So head over to Kongregate and give Mushroom Madness a try! Have fun!