escape-sing-girlfriendAfter you have escaped Sing’s Office about one week ago, it’s time to escape Sing Girlfriend’s Room right now (and no, don’t ask me what you were doing there because I don’t know). Why would you want to escape the girl’s room – especially since she looks amazing if that picture on the wall is her (the one you can see to the left)? Well… because it’s a game and nothing more. Unfortunately…

Back to Escape Sing Girlfriend’s Room, even though I would prefer letting my imagination roam free (I am sure you will do the same!), I must admit that we’re talking about a really high quality game here, an improvement compared to the previous Sing escape the room game.

There is some pixel hunting involved, some of the items can be found in some really strange places (like the key on a flower’s leaf) and some items can let your imagination roam free even further (like the telescope smartly positioned near the windows), but these are not real problems. The real problems will be met when you will try to solve the more difficult puzzles and, no matter how much you’ll wait for Sing’s girlfriend to return home and maybe offer you a night to remember, you will get nothing. So better try and escape that room as quick as possible.

Give Escape Sing Girlfriend’s Room a try by clicking here. Have fun!