escape-sings0officeThe funny thing about today’s escape the room recommended game is the title: even though “Sing” is a name, we can also associate it with, at least, a decent soundtrack and not something that tries to throw a stick into your ear. Funnily enough, Sing’s office has an absolutely disgusting soundtrack and make sure that the first thing you do when you start playing Escape Sing’s Office, is to turn the sound off.

Afterwards you will be able to enjoy a pretty high quality escape the room game, a title developed in China and featuring a decent English translation, unlike most of the “Made in Asia” games.

In the game you find yourself stuck, obviously, in Sing’s office and you have to get out. Collect items, solve some clever puzzles, do some pixel hunting (aka chaotically clicking), consult the game’s walkthrough eventually and enjoy today’s daily escape title. A quality one, despite the impression you might have after reading this article. See for yourself here.