tortuga3When a game gets to the third iteration, it is obvious that the previous two were successful and we’re already talking about a little flash franchise. The same case applies to Tortuga, with the third title in the escape the room series (or better said first person adventure game with a huge infusion of escaping the room) being amazingly well done and a huge improvement over the past two versions.

So, after escaping your cell and the pirate ship in two short episodes, it is now time for one escape the room game of epic proportions. Tortuga 3 puts you on the run once more, this time your goal being to escape to the nearby port. You’ll have tons of locations to visit and even more objects to collect, you’ll notice some slick visuals like the one in the upper left corner and you’ll have lots of fun playing the game.

Fortunately, even though longer than the previous two installments, it doesn’t get way too complicated and never gets out of hand – and if it does, there’s also a walkthrough for the game you can access whenever you feel like (probably when you feel stuck) and carry on with your Tortuga 3 adventure. One that can be recommended not only to escape the room game fans!

So head over to ArcadeTown this time and give Tortuga 3, today’s daily escape challenge, a try. Have fun!