hauntedToday’s free flash game of the day is a spooky escape the room/adventure game titled Haunted: The Trapped Soul. So prepare to feel the cold chills up your spine while trying to solve the puzzles in the game and escape the haunted mansion until it’s too late. Or…?

The game, created using some really nice music from Newgrounds, puts you in the shoes of a working person that, while driving home through a dense rain and thinking about his wife, hits some sort of creature and finds himself in front of a spooky door. And yes, the first creepy feeling you’ll get about that house will soon turn out to be as real as hell – or at least about that scary.

Don’t expect, however, to jump off your chair screaming, horrified. There will be a few creepy moments in which an evil looking kid will scare the fleas out of you, but except for that, you’ll be exploring silently the vast house, you’ll be solving high quality puzzles and reading more details about the kid, all of them making you wish more than ever to escape the house in Haunted The Trapped Soul and return to your boring life.

So yes, make sure that you play today’s free flash game with the sound on, make sure that it’s still light outside and get ready to be scared and amazed at the same time. Can you do it? See for yourself by clicking on this link.