alice-is-dead-screenIf you would love to play a nice escape the room game but you don’t have too much time on your hands, it’s Alice is Dead – Chapter 1 the free flash game you must play! It’s short, it’s easy, but at the same time it’s really well done and has a twist in the end that might mean that we could be talking about a new emerging high quality franchise.

Even though dark and quite bloody, Alice is Dead – Chapter 1 has a twisted sense of humor (like when looking at Alice’s skeleton and noting that “Alice doesn’t smile as much as she used to”) and some really nice situations in, even though a couple of the puzzles are a bit too strange. But, it’s the wonderland and stranger things probably happen there, right?

The only problem with Alice is Dead – Chapter 1 is that, even though it only brings one chapter in a potentially epic saga, it is obscenely short: you’ll be finishing the game in about 10 minutes (or even faster, depending on your experience with escape the room games) and you won’t be completely satisfied, even though the twist in the end is really nice and makes you smile and say “I knew that!” – even if the truth is different.

All we can do, however, after playing the first chapter in the upcoming Alice is Dead saga is to hope that future episodes will be a little longer and more complex. Until then, simply enjoy today’s recommended escape the room flash title: Alice is Dead – Chapter 1.