romeo-and-juliet-escapeHave you ever imagined what would’ve happened if Romeo and Juliet decided to take the situation into their own hands and simply run away? If you didn’t, Japanese developer Twinkle did and the result is impressive, that is why another escape the room game is recommended today and it also wins the free flash game of the day award.

Story-wise I can’t say too much about Escape of Romeo and Juliet and I doubt you can unless you speak Japanese, but some of the things that happen there are pretty obvious and you can create a whole picture if you want to. If not, you can simply enjoy a really well done escape the room flash game.

This title is very complex and quite challenging and unlike the regular escape the room games we see nowadays that take 5 minutes to finish, you’ll have to battle for quite while with this little fellow!

Except for that, Escape of Romeo and Juliet delivers an innovative concept for the escape the room genre (one that strangely has been used in adventure games for quite a while and just now it seems funny that nobody thought about that until now): you control two characters! Indeed, you control both Romeo and Juliet and you’ll have to switch from one to another in order to be able to finish the game. You can imagine that this adds to the overall difficulty level, but it also makes the game a lot cooler!

You might get stuck, but don’t worry too much about that: soon there will be a walkthrough for the game posted here in the Unigamesity. But until that happens, why not head over to Twinkle’s website and try the game for yourself? Have fun!

UPDATE: As promised, the Escape of Romeo and Juliet walkthrough is now available in the Unigamesity!