Today’s free flash game of the day award was won by Escape of Romeo and Juliet and in case you got stuck somewhere, I have prepared an Escape of Romeo and Juliet walkthrough, a step by step guide to help you beat this great escape the room game and have fun playing it. Simply read the solution below and you will finish Escape of Romeo and Juliet easily!

Full Escape of Romeo and Juliet Walkthrough:

1. Go right and pick up black thing in the fireplace.
2. Click above the fireplace on the picture (painting or whatever) and read the letters by color: six, two seven.
3. Go left and use the code: 627. Click on the door and get the pink bottle.
4. Go right and click on the painting again. Click the corners in the following order: bottom left, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right, top right bottom right. A safe will be revealed.
5. Go back and right and click on the window at the top left of the screen. Open it.
6. Go back and right and click on the chair to remove its top. Click on the removed top again and get key.
7. Go left twice and use key with the safe and pull the switch.
8. Click on Juliet’s face in the bottom right corner to switch to Romeo.
9. Take the item behind the grass.
10. Go right and get a green pencil that is hidden in the left grass.
11. Go right and get coin from the base of the tree. Use the first item to cut off the branch.
12. Go right. Click on stick and click on the following colors on the wall: red, blue, blue, orange, pink (code taken from the way CAPULET was colored differently). DON’T GO FORWARD!
13. Go right and get green coin from bhind right grass.
14. go left and forward, then left and take pink coin.
15. Go twice to the right and get hammer.
16. Go left, back, right, right and use hammer with cracked brick. Get blue coin.
17. Go left, left, forward and right. Insert the coins in the following order: green at the top, below: blue, then red, then yellow. Push the red button.
18. Go left, right and forward then pick up rock in bottom left corner and paper in the top right section.
19. Click on paper then “About item” and use pencil with it. Click back and click on the rock then “About item” and use the paper with the rock.
20. Click on the balcony above and use the rock with the opened window to the left corner.
21. Click on Romeo’s face to switch to Juliet. Go back and three times to the right and get the rock with paper. Click on the bottom left corner to open the letter and use the black thing in your inventory with the letter to see the hidden message.
22. Click on the lower drawer and type in the message: “hopelesslove” and get the bottle opener.
23. Open the pink bottle with opener in the “about item” view then use the rock with it to get the key.
24. Go right twice and use the key with the lock. Inside the baclony, click on the bottom right corner to see rope ladder. Click on it and switch to Romeo.
25. Climb up the ladder and “enjoy” the ending. Spooky!