3nyanToday’s choice for the daily escape feature was 3nyan Quest – a rather difficult escape the room game which might see you stuck quite soon. Fortunately, I managed to finish the game and I am going to share with you a 3nyan Quest walkthrough to make it easier for you to move forward with the game and beat it with as few trouble as possible. Simply read the step by step instructions below and have fun!

Full 3nyan Quest solution:

1. Skip the initial cutscene (unless you speak Japanese) and click start
2. Turn right and open bottom drawer to get rope.
3. Go back and click on the mirror. On the left leg there is a stick. Get it and click on it then on “About item”. Click on its side to extend it.
4. Go back and twice to the right and click on the rope. Click on the sword then the cat and two cats appear. Click them, then click again on your cat (bottom left one). Click on each step on the wall then click on the hook on the ceiling. When the cat is hanging down the rope, click on the left cat on the ground, then on the hanging cat. Then click on the last cat on the ground, then the second hanging cat. Take the sword.
5. Turn right and select the stick. Click on the spider’s web then click on the blue creature to get it.
6. Click on the blue creature, then “About item”, select the sword and cut the creature to get key.
7. Use the key with the door to the right. You should now be at the second floor (2F)
8. Turn right and get hammer from top drawer.
9. Go back and right and take the vase.
10. Go right. Click on the shield, then on the cat. Click on the cat to the left, then the shield again and it will be fixed. Get it.
11. Go right and use the stick with the orange creature. Click on it, then the “About item” button and use the shield with it to get the red key.
12. Click on the hammer and use it with the crack between the doors. Get red flute.
13. Click on the door to the left and go back to 1F. Go right twice and use vase with fountain.
14. Go left twice and up to 2F. Go right twice and use vase with fire. Get red ball.
15. Go left twice and use red key with the door to the right to go to 3F.
16. Go right and click on mirror. From the right drawer, get the flower. Click on it and “About item” and click on it again to reveal screw.
17. Go back and right. Click on the statue, click on the cat. Click on cat to the left, then statue, click on cat to the right, then statue and finally click on the cat in the bottom left corner to help pushing.
18. Click on the black and white cat and click the spot where the statue stood and get golden ball.
19. GO back and right. Click on wired fence then cat. Click on cat to the left, then the wired fence and get the armor.
20. Go back and use stick with gray head. Click on it, then “About item” then use Armor to get key.
21. Click on left door twice to get to 1F. Go right twice and click on the right side of the fountain’s vase. When it zooms in, use the flower with the button to stop the water.
22. Hit back and click on the fountain to get blue ball (sic!)
23. Go twice to the left then all the way up to 2F. Go right and click on the mirror table. Click to the right of the table (not on the drawer) to reveal the hidden location. Use stick with the drawer and get green ring.
24. Go left and use the last key with right door.
25. Between the doors are the instructions on where to place the balls. Unless you can read Japanese, you won’t understand a thing. However, here is what to do:
25. Go right, put yellow ball on that thing. Turn right and place the red ball then turn right and place blue ball. Turn right again.
26. When wizard appears, use green ring on it, then sword. Get the key and go up. Congratulations!