toss-the-turtke-achievementsAs promised, I have prepared a little guide for today’s free flash game of the day, Toss the Turtle: an article featuring tips and tricks for playing the game, as well as the complete list of achievements and one little secret you can access in Toss the Turtle at any time. This is not a walkthrough for the flash game, but suggestions on how to play it to easily succeed. Good luck!

Toss the Turtle tips and tricks:

1. The first thing you have to buy in the shop is the Rock Pack.
2. Activate the rock pack as soon as you are launched as you will avoid the risk of hitting some spikes early on.
3. Don’t waste your money on the chest bomb or nuke until you start earning over $6,000 per try. Instead, save for the 10,000 cannon and make it your second purchase!
4. Buy the guns in this order: Revolver, Uzi, AK-47 and Sniper Rifle. If you have the money, the Golden Gun would probably do wonders.
5. Always upgrade your cannon before everything else!
6. Once you get a better gun, try to keep the turtle in the air for as long as possible. There even are bonuses for not hitting the ground at all, so try doing that as often as possible early on in the game.
7. Although the WASD movement keys are mostly useless, I kept pressing the D key all the time for some extra (possible) feet.
8. Best angle for the shot would be somewhere at around 50 degrees with full power.

Toss the Turtle hidden secret (easter egg): in the shop, move your mouse on the firm between “Blast” and “C.O.” and click on the hidden question mark for the easter egg!

Toss the Turtle achievement list:

You can see most of the achievements unlocked by me in the image that comes with the article (click it to enlarge it) and you can also read all the achievements for Toss the Turtle below:

1. Goomba Card: Stomp one Goomba.
2. Bronze Goomba: Stomp 10 Goombas
3. Silver Goomba: Stomp 25 Goombas
4. Golden Goomba: Stomp 50 Goombas
5. Diamond Goomba: Stomp 100 Goombas
6. Flame: Hit a fire guy
7. Sun card: Hit a sun
8. Singed: Burn 10 times
9. Burnt: Burn 20 times
10. Crispy: Burn 50 times
11. Bomb card: Hit a land bomb
12. Helibomb: Hit a floating bomb
13. Fatman: Hit a giant bomb
14. Book of Bombs: Hit 20 bombs
15. B-29 Bomber: Hit 50 bombs
16. Bomberman: Hit 100 bombs
17. Spike card: Hit spikes
18. Toothed wall: Hit wall spikes
19. Mace: Hit floating spikes
20. Masochist: Hit 20 spikes
21. Gang hound: Get shot up
22. Helicopter: Reach 400 ft vertically
23. Jet plane: Reach 800 ft vertically
24. Rocket ship: Reach 1200 ft vertically
25. Reach 1 mile
26. Reach 5 miles
27. Reach 10 miles
28. Reach 25 miles
29. Reach 50 miles
30. Reach 100 miles
31. Bird seed: Hit small bird
32. Bird speed: Hit a big bird
33. Doink: Hit an angry ground creature
34. Slap stick: Hit a banana
35. Chainsaw: Hit dad
36. Driver’s License: Hit a jeep.
37. Contact: Hit an UFO
38. Effort: Play 60 minutes
39. Commitment: Play 120 minutes
40. Obsession: play 5 hours.