toss-the-turtlescreenThe fact that we love launching animals into space is best known by hedgehogs, but starting today turtles will get some real headaches too since Toss the Turtle has been released and we’re awarding it with the free flash game of the day award. And trust me when I say that it is an awesomely cool game and a must play. Read on for more details about it.

Toss the Turtle gives you a cannon, a turtle to shoot out of the cannon, a slingshot to keep it in the air and an entire world ahead of you waiting to be explored. Your turtle won’t see too much anyway, since it will be flying, bouncing off stuff and hitting all sorts of strange things (and even getting abducted by aliens!), but you will certainly have a lot of fun and will do your best to unlock the impressive amount of 40 achievements!

In order to get there, though, you will need quite some game experience: you will have to upgrade your cannon, buy a jet pack, change the slingshot for some real weapons and also hope to get really lucky since a great start can always get stopped by an unwanted obstacle (spikes, most usually) that will turn your poor little turtle into a bloody soup. Yes, PETA certainly isn’t Toss the Turtle’s biggest fan!

Even though great, I think that the beauty of today’s free flash game of the day is in the eyes of the watcher (yeah!): for some it might get boring after a while since the control you actually have on your turtle is minimal (or at least much lower compared with that in the aforementioned Hedgehog Launch) but if you are an achievements dude or girl, you’ll keep Tossing the Turtle until you unlock them all. In this case, be prepared for quite a long ride!

And until I get a full article with tips and a complete list of the achievements (plus a little secret hidden within the game!), go give Toss The Turtle a try!

UPDATE: As promised, the Toss the Turtle tips and tricks are now available in the Unigamesity!