hedgehog-launch2Today’s free flash game of the day is a really cool launch the object game, a sequel delivered to us, the hungry fans by Armor Games. I’m talking about Hedgehog Launch 2, the game that takes hedgehog interstellar exploration to a brand new level. A very fun game to play that comes with some nice improvements compared to the previous version.

So if in the original Hedgehog Launch you had to launch the hedgehog into the orbit, now you must take everything to the next level and send it on… Mars. And in order to do so, you have much more stuff to upgrade and take care of than in the initial game

However, even though there are more upgrade options, some of them are kind of pointless since you can get to Mars without full upgrades and even without being an expert: just get the strongest radar, some rockets, maximize the launch pad and you’ll soon have a trip to Mars assured. I, for example, was kind of rusty and only managed to finish the game after 14 days (in-game days), but I am sure that with a bit of work it can be done in around 7-8 days.

Anyway, Hedgehog Launch 2 is a real must play, a big improvement, both graphics and gameplay-wise and it really deserves the game of the day award. Give it a try on Kongregate and don’t forget to share your impressions about the game here in the Unigamesity, too!