orion-defence-networkIf you have a five minutes break and you’d like to spend it protecting space stations from asteroids and meteors, Orion Defence Network is the game you have to play following the link in the next paragraph. It is a really cool title, even though simplistic and, after a while, easy to cheat at. Still, a nice play for your five minutes break.

As I said, in Orion Defence Network you have to protect all sorts of space stations from incoming asteroids. In order to do so, you will have to blow them away, provoking chain reactions and making sure that you will always have enough for the next shoot. Because once you shoot once, you have to wait a little to recharge – you can still shoot immediately afterwards, but wit a lesser impact. So yes, we can talk about a bit of tactics, too, which makes the game even more impressive.

There is also a fair amount of power-ups in Orion Defence Network and enough asteroids to keep you busy for a while. However, in the end, levels are relatively short and you won’t need too much time to spend with them if you’re busy doing other stuff. But you should give it a try, especially since you earn all sorts of in-game badges and awards that will certainly make you feel like a hero!

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