the-archerlandToday’s free flash game of the day has been specifically chosen for the fans of the tower defense games. Titled The Archerland, this really cool tower defense game adds some extra options and strategy elements into play and adds to a really addictive yet far from impossible battle to save your castle.

Among the new things introduced by The Archerland, we have the strategic options: you no longer receive a fixed amount of gold for defeating your enemies, but instead you receive money based on the size of your castle. In other words, if you want more money, you must build some structures. If you want resources for your soldiers, you must build some structures. If you want extra defense for your castle… you’ve guessed it – you must build some structures! However, you can only build one structure per day (one day equals one wave), so you might want to plan ahead, otherwise you won’t have enough men out there to defend your castle.

Apart from that, The Archerland is your classic tower defense game: enemies get bigger and better as time passes by, your units can be improved and can you can develop various types of them and generally the balance, as well as the pace of the game, are solid and you won’t feel bored at all while playing this nice free flash game – on the contrary, especially because The Archerland is not one of the most difficult tower defense games ever created!

So go on and give it a try on Kongregate: play today’s free flash game of the day, The Archerland and let us know what was your impression about the game!