space-invasion-tdToday’s free flash game of the day combines two really cool games into one: Space Invaders and the classic Tower Defense. The result? Space Invasion Tower Defense, a title to stand out of the saturated crowd of TD games and a worthy winner of Unigamesity’s flash game of the day award. And yes, a must try right now!

The nice thing about Space Invasion Tower Defense is that it can be played in two game modes, each with three difficulty levels, which offers quite a challenge! The first mode is the “classic” Space Invaders type where the alien ships move from the top to the bottom of the screen and you have to shoot them down before that happens. The second mode, a lot more challenging but also more fun, is the “2 way” mode in which invaders come from both the top and the bottom and you have to stop them from reaching the base in the middle of the screen.

Except for that, you will have a really big array of towers to choose from (and I must admit that I find them a bit too pricey) and a hell of a time trying to reach that final wave. Because, yes, some planning has to be done and, even on the lowest difficulty setting you will still have problems finishing the game. I know I didn’t manage to, even though I went for all the possible strategies I could think of (on a span of three games).

But maybe you are a bit more lucky with Space Invasion Tower Defense, today’s free flash game of the day. Just give it a try by following this link!

UPDATE: Well, in the end I managed to finish Space Invasion Tower Defense and it is quite simple. Just stick to the basic towers and don’t spend too much. Then build the ultimate towers and that’s it! You Win.