mechamonkoloToday’s free flash game of the day is a cool addition to the side shooter genre and overall a really, really fun to play game that should be tried by all fans of the genre. I am talking about Mechamonkolo, completely free to play and awesomely challenging.

You are Mechamonkolo, a specially trained monkey that knows how to use lasers and fly into the outer space, with one goal into mind: protect the humans from the nasty alien invaders, powerful and eager to destroy everything in sight.

The game starts slowly, with some Pikachu-shaped aliens that are really easy to destroy, but soon your screen will be filled with all sorts of strange creatures, with better armors and even with weapons. Not to mention the ugly bosses with smart weak points… Luckily, you have the possibility to collect coins during your missions and upgrade your shields, make your weapons and special abilities regenerate faster and, overall, get better at alien shooting.

Even though some missions are really difficult and Mechamonkolo tends to get a bit boring after the first 9-10 levels this free flash game is still a worthy winner of Unigamesity’s flash game of the day award and I urge you to follow the link and give it a try!