medeival-mercenaryGot five minutes? Want to play a crazy flash game for free and destroy all sorts of enemies, like kamikaze goblin archers and strange jumping clowns? Then you must give Medieval Mercenary a try! And really, you won’t need more than five minutes to spend with the game, so your job won’t be affected. Really!

You play the role of the last Mercenary of something who has to defend the kingdom from the invading hordes of strange enemies and monsters. You have the help of Merlin (could it get more cliché?) to get new weapons or upgrade the ones you already have and rounds of 30 seconds each to fight.

The number of enemies is not impressive and you won’t find it difficult to finish all levels – but you will certainly have fun since Medieval Mercenary seems more like a parody than a real flash game. The sounds are absolutely amazing (especially the one when you eat your food) and the overall difficulty is perfect for a Friday afternoon when we mostly want to relax.

So head on and try for at least five minutes Medieval Mercenary over at Armor Games. It’s free!