training-camp-escapeIt’s been a long time since it has been so quiet in the escape the room genre, but this is only natural: game developers can’t have great ideas on a daily basis, right? Unfortunately, this means that today we have no escape the room game to recommend. However, since I don’t want an empty feature, I will be still recommending you a title which was released yesterday. Not a big deal, right?

It shouldn’t be, since Training Camp Escape is quite a quality title and it would’ve certainly become the daily escape feature of yesterday if there wasn’t the Magical Sphere Escape game.

Either way, back to today’s recommendation, Training Camp Escape sees you locked in the barracks, with one goal in mind: to escape and resume your training. The puzzles are pretty simple even though one is particularly difficult and even though some of the items there make no sense (like the birthday cake and the place where the key is hidden), I still enjoyed playing Training Camp Escape.

You can therefore give it a try on StoneAgeGames and if you somehow get stuck, check back here for a complete Training Camp Escape walkthrough!