magical-sphereMagical Sphere Escape is a free flash escape the room game developed by Bianco Bianco – although specialized in creating quite wonderful escape the room games, the developer has huge problems with speaking English and that’s the biggest turn off of this particular game which seems like a rushed out product, divided into bits you have to search for yourself and mix together if you feel like trying the game at its full value.

Because, even though crippled, hard to follow and quite minimalistic, taken as a whole, today’s daily escape, Magical Sphere Escape, is indeed a high quality title which, unlike 99% of the escape the room games we can play, comes with a pretty complex and interesting story: that of a being imprisoned by God in the Patio of Genesis, a being who will escape with your help.

But here comes the bad part: the descriptions of the items in the game, as well as those of the locations, which make the story, for some strange reason weren’t introduced in the final product, so if you play Magical Sphere Escape without following the link at the top of the website (the “Hints and background of the story, and the worlds” thingie) and actually reading about the stuff you will encounter, you will consider this escape the room game just your regular, poorly made title. Which is not. Unfortunately it’s not one of the best, either, especially because of this strange, hard to explain or understand division.

But if you’re up for the challenge and multitasking is your thing, head over to the Bianco Bianco website and give Magical Sphere Escape a try!