hex-empireStrategists all over the planet, rejoice as I am unveiling today’s free flash game of the day, an already classic turn based hexagonal flash strategy developed by Meta Sauce and available on Minijuegos: Hex Empire. Read on to find more details about this awesome title and get ready to lose at least half an hour playing your first map, before adding it to your favorites!

Just like in the vast majority of games available to be played, Hex Empire gives you a single task: that of becoming the one and only empire on earth. You will have three rather smart AI controlled opponents who will do their best to stop you from achieving that goal and your only help will come from a well planned strategy.

Every country begins with a single capital city – and you can even choose your location. This is not a huge bonus, since maps are quite balanced, but you might spend a few seconds before choosing the obvious: red. Next, you start sending in your troops and start conquering. There are just five moves you are allowed to take per turn and in the later stages of the game, you will clearly need more than that to move your entire army. So further planning and extra tactics are needed in order to get forward.

Each turn, every conquered city gives “birth” to extra troops which can be sent forward too. You can also merge troops, morale plays a factor and you should really use the “give a speech” option in case you start losing and need a morale boost. A small army with a big morale, in Hex Empire, can be better than a larger one made out of crying wossies.

However, the best thing to do if you want to see just how complex, yet easy to learn today’s free flash game of the day, Hex Empire, really is, is by heading over to the game’s official website and hitting play. Reading the tutorial before starting would certainly help you a little bit… Have fun!