training-campescapeIf you got stuck playing Training Camp Escape, I have the solution for you right here: a walkthrough, a step by step guide to help you finish the game in no time (or at least give you some hints on how to get further with your mission). Simply read on the instructions below for the solution of Training Camp Escape!

Full Training Camp Escape Walkthrough:

1. Click on the cabinets, then click again on the top right corner of the left cabinet. Pick up piece of paper.
2. Go back twice and click on the heater. Take the second piece of paper from the right of the heater.
3. Go back and left and click on the cabinet in the middle. Click on its door and pick up glasses.
4. Go back and click on the middle window twice. Place the glasses on the wire (somewhere in the central bottom part of the window is the right spot).
5. Go back and left. Click on the big lamp on the ceiling (the one closest to your view) to pick up some kind of tape. Also pick up the third piece of paper from the sheets on the bed to the bottom left corner.
6. Go left and click on the cabinet to the right. Click again on it and pick up the cake. DON’T GO BACK! On the bed to the right, hidden within the brown sheets is a saw. To pick it up, simply click on the brown sheets!
7. Go back and left (twice) and click on the middle cabinet twice. Put the cake there and go back. The candle is lit!
8. Now click on the three pieces of paper in your inventory, then click on the tape, then click on the pieces of paper again to make them a whole. Use the new paper with the candle on the cake, and you will get code 528.
9. Go back twice and once to the right and click on the cabinets. Click on the locked cabinet and enter the code. Pick up the saw blade and use it with the first part you got to create the saw.
10. Go back and click on the heater, then use the saw with the valve. Pick up the key.
11. Go back and twice to the right, click on the door and use the key with it. You are out!