Escape The Riddle Dome is an interesting escape the room game that challenges you to escape by answering to some riddles. Don’t you know how to answer them? Fortunately, I have managed to find all the answers and I will share them with you in this quick Escape The Riddle Dome Walkthrough. Please note that you should type the words exactly as they are written below. Have fun answering the riddles of th Riddle Dome!

Full Escape The Riddle Dome answers:

1. 21
2. watchdog
3. 12
4. parachute
5. the parrot is deaf
6. Sarah is blind
7. chess board
8. stand back to back

Now you will encounter three monkeys, each with its own riddle (or, better said, a hidden phrase you must say). Simply click on each one and type in the following answers:

Brown monkey: see no evil
White monkey: hear no evil
Black monkey: speak no evil

Turn to the door and click on it to get out. No more riddles for you!