Did you get stuck somewhere in Turtle Pond Escape? Can’t find the right thing to do to beat the escape the room game? Do not worry as I have prepared a Turtle Pond Escape walkthrough for you, a step by step guide to help you finish the game in no time and even unlock each and every of the three possible endings! So simply read on for the walkthrough and have fun!

Full Turtle Pond Escape solution:

1. Pick up the red sphere at the base of the screen, near the algae.
2. Go right twice and pick up magazine.
3. Go right and click on house. Click on the lower left corner and pick up hammer.
4. Go back and twice to the right. Click on the right side of the yellow sand dune to find cave. Use the hammer with the planks – they’re actually a sign (which says that Mid-Autumn Festival is on 10/3/09)
5. Enter the cave and click on the pink jar. Code is 103 (from the festival). Click on heart to take it, click on the lid to remove it then pick up the golden fish inside.
6. Click on fish, then “About item” and use the red sphere with fish’s eye (the magazine has the instructions for that).

1st ending:
7. Click on table and leave the fish there.
8. Go forward, Back and twice to the right and click on house. Use key with the lock and use magazine with the opened doors.
9. Go back and left and up the stairs then click on turtle!

2nd ending:
7. Click on table and leave the magazine there.
8. Go forward, back and right twice and click on house, open the lock with key and leave the fish in the window.
9. Go back and left and up the stairs.

NO ending:
7. Leave both fish and magazine on the table, and you can’t pick them up anymore. No door for you!