escape-the-pondToday’s daily escape game is a cute multiple-ending free flash title from the Japanese developer Hiruantei. Even though rather short and a bit tough to be played by somebody who doesn’t speak or at least is able to understand Japanese, Turtle Pond Escape comes with a nice concept that will certainly be applied by some future flash developer and turn it into a blast – I am talking about setting a time limit in an escape the room game like this one that has you “trapped” under water.

However, Turtle Pond Escape is nothing but a regular escape the room game, with the biggest Pro being the fact that it has three endings: a sort of a challenge for those who wish to finish the game three times. And for those who can’t do it at least once, remember to check back soon since I will be posting a full walkthrough of Turtle Pond Escape.

Until then, have fun trying to escape the Turtle Pond!

UPDATE: As promised, here is the Turtle Pond Escape Walkthrough