mypetprotector“Shape the destiny of your new apprentice. Will he rise to become hero or zero? Renowned Warrior or Poignant Poet?” – this is how today’s free flash game of the day, My Pet Protector tries to lure you in. And trust me, if you ignore it, you will most likely regret it later because this is a really cool game you should at least give a try and see if it is one you’ll spend a couple of hours with or not.

Basically, My Pet Protector is a multi-choice RPG that resembles a tiny little bit the classic Princess Maker – except that now you are creating a hero (or not, if you utterly fail) and there is a bit more action involved. You start by choosing your character’s biography – a few stats that will influence your abilities and from that moment you are on your own: you have 208 weeks (turns) to do whatever you feel is necessary to turn your character from a virtually nobody with no experience into a real man.

How you choose to do that is up to you: you can either work hard as a constructor, night guard, banker or even dragon tamer, you could study poetry and science in the university or you can spend all the time you have resting at home. It’s up for you to choose it, but I think most of you will go for the most “violent” way: that of adventuring and fighting monsters and exploring dungeons.

And even that dungeon exploring is divided in two categories in this awesome My Pet Protector game! You have the “basic” dungeons which can be explored and uncovered only once (or, better said, you can only fight enemies once) and those who are randomly generated and can be visited weekly if you are not stressed out.

Because, yes, even in those ancient times stress played an important part in the life of a hero: if he was too stressed, he simply couldn’t carry on and you had to rest him for at least a week. So, as you can imagine already, the trick in My Pet Protector is to try and find the right balance between all things and try to score as high as possible. It won’t be an easy job!

Especially since, after a little while, the unfortunate boredom might kick in: the number of enemies is not too varied, there are no fighting skills improved during battles and even though overwhelming at first, the activities that can be done will become repetitive. However, I did play this game til the end (about two hours), so I can say that it won’t get THAT boring after all.

If you want to check it out for yourself, simply head over to Kongregate and hit play. You will certainly not regret trying My Pet Protector!