zombie-baseballToday’s free flash game of the day, Zombie Baseball, would be best suited for those who watched Shaun of the Dead and loved it and most important still remember that part in which the two friends threw vinyls at the zombies. This is something similar.

With the only difference, of course, as the name suggests, that instead of vinyls, you will use zombie balls and you need some skills and upgrades to succeed. The good thing is that the zombies are just like the real and classic zombies: slow and stupid. Therefore, even if you miss every now and then, you still have a chance. However, I had to die two times until I realized that the first upgrade I should buy is the Strength!

Apart from that, today’s free flash game of the day Zombie Baseball is clearly not a revolutionary, genre changing title – it is however a quality title to play for fun for about five minutes and then completely forget about it.

All you will need to succeed will be a fast finger and some good timing, since you must hit the ball from the correct angle in order to blast away the zombies’ heads. Who become stronger and faster as time goes by (the zombies, not their heads).

To see what I am talking about and give Zombie Baseball a try, head over to Kongregate and have fun!