being-onethreeHaving problems finishing Being One Part Three – Dark Mater? Don’t worry anymore as I have a walkthrough for you, the solution to the game that will help you escape the room and finish the game without a problem. So if you are stuck somewhere or you simply wish to beat Being One Part Three – Dark Mater as soon as possible, check out my Being One Part Three – Dark Mater walkthrough!

Full Being One Part Three – Dark Mater guide:

1. Grab the hacking unit from the floor, get the green fuse from the machinery on the left (behind the smoke) and get the red fuse from the right machinery. The blue fuse is to the left of the door, near the wall. Get it and click on the fuse box to the right of the door.
2. Use the green multi tool to remove the springs then click on cover to remove it.
3. Place the fuses as follows: green in the spot where the green cables meet, red below it and blue in the last portion.
4. Go back and click on the yellow icon on the right of the wall, the one with a lighting bolt on it. You have to set the power to 240 volts. Click on the top left switch, top right one, the one in the middle bottom and the bottom right one. 240!
5. Go back and click on the terminal on the door. You will be presented with the keypad hacker. Close it and then use the hacker from your inventory on the same terminal. Now it will be some guessing work: you type in a number and you’re told if you should go up or down. If the numbers don’t change, the code is 66692. Click on Activate when the correct code is written.
6. Enter the elevator and click on the panel. Use the green multi tool and unscrew the four corners. Click on the lights. Now we’ll have to turn them all green, so click on the middle left arrow, the second arrow on top (from left to right) then the last arrow on top.
7. Climb up through the ceiling, then up the ladder until you can’t climb no more (you can read the signs to the left if you wish to, on each level). When you reach the top, go left.
8. To the left of the screen, on a machine, there is a small datapad. Pick it up to read the instructions.
9. Using the keypad hacker, hack the left door. My code was 97238. Click on activate and enter the door.
10. Read the datapad on the ground for instructions. Click on piston 1 (the left one) and activate it to 140: turn the left wheel to 3 o’clock and the right wheel to 9 o’clock.
11. Click on piston 2 and set the left wheel to 6 o’clock and the right one to 8 o’clock
13. Piston 3: both left and right wheels to 10 o’clock.
14. Piston 4: left wheel to 5 o’clock and right wheel to 7 o’clock. PLEASE NOTE that it’s important to turn the left wheel first for all pistons, otherwise it might not work!
15. Go back and click on the pressure stabilizer on the left wall, near the door. Here you must click on each red button when each yellow line is at half. Simply click on each of them until they all turn green.
16. Go back and hack the right keypad (my code was 19285).
17. Enter the room and click on the red battery to the left of the fire extinguisher. Click on the case to remove it and click on the yellow switch. Answer YES two times, NO once, YES three more times and the battery will be activated.
18. Click on the computer to the right. Click on the “Activate door” option. Go back twice and click on the glass of the containment area. Click back and get scared by the beast.
19. Go back and move forward. You can read the datapad to the bottom right of the screen then head through the door to the left (again, you can read the datapad on the floor). Go forward, read the datapad and go forward again.
20. Head up to the elevator and using the gun in your inventory shoot the four spotlights. Go forward and you’re done!

So… what was your time and score, after completing the game with the help of this Being One Part Three – Dark Mater Walkthrough?