unigamesity-my-pet-protector-statsMy Pet Protector is a very complex and difficult flash RPG/simulation game and if you are having trouble finding your way through today’s free flash game of the day, I am writing this post with a bunch of My Pet Protector tips and tricks, a small guide to help you become a hero and not a failure in the game’s world.

Please note that these My Pet Protector tips work for a fighter class – and they are just a bit more in depth than the so called guide that’s available on Kongregate (which, either way, is a must read if you wish to know what dungeons to visit and what skills get improved by the jobs and school classes). Now read on my general tips for a My Pet Protector fighter:

1. The start of the game is crucial. I recommend going for Fighter/Worker/Equipment. This way, you will have some money to spend on training and items to sell for even more money.
2. Don’t start adventuring ASAP. First spend a few updates studying Combat School and Strategy to increase your fighting skills.
3. Go for dungeons mainly (the smaller flags, not the red ones) since they will give you experience, gold and loot to sell in the market.
4. Try to focus on one job only (those for strength/constitution would be best for a fighter) and also do some begging at first to improve your dexterity.
5. Try to “waste” as little energy as possible: going for a dungeon with enemies more powerful than you is a waste of time since you gain absolutely nothing and you lose one week.
6. Calculate so that you will end the game with 100% at a work of choice (you will need to invest lots of weeks in that) and the same for as many stats as possible. As you can see from my stats, I had temperament and combat repute at maximum levels. I also wasted valuable weeks improving my magic attack, which was a waste since I never used that.
7. NEVER buy anything from the shop: usually the items there are of a lower quality or at most similar with what you have/will earn from adventuring.
8. Try to keep the weapons and armor that greatly improve your physical resistance (as that is the main type of damage-making enemies you’ll encounter) and secondary focus on fire damage. The other can be ignored.
9. Visit the dungeons in the order posted in the guide on Kongregate (Fortitude, Shimmering, Ancient Tunels, Worn Caverns, Firetop Mountain, Liar’s Lair and Greer’s Ambition) and make sure to finish each of them (get them ticked) for extra points in the end.
10. Have fun and prepare for a long walk. IF you do things well, you will become a Tier 5 award and become a true hero. Good luck!


  1. A few comments:

    1) You really want to max out as much skills as possible. This means 100% Fame, which is simply from winning fights. Combat and Magic reputation are from damaging foes with magic and melee.

    2) An advanced strategy is to go with BOTH magic and melee. This got me Rank 2 Knight. I stated with Ranger, Working Man, and Training (which boosts both magic and melee training).

    3) Another advanced strategy is to NOT do a tier 1 job! Even mastered, they give lousy rewards and weak cash. (100 per week).
    Instead, take a few magic schoolings, head out to the weak dungeon and forest/castle.
    Limp along until you are 15.

    THEN, go straight into Guard. AVOID FORTUNE TELLER as it lowers your melee skill! Once you get guard going nicely, go to melee school. Dont adventure for a while now.
    Instead, keep working, 80 or 200gold resting and going to melee school until you get the Blade of Mastery. NOW, with a 30 attack sword you are ready to go!

    Start adventuring and doing the dungeons. Use melee, but ALSO USE SOME MAGIC until you have your Magical Reputation to 100%. Then, never use it again.

    Keep adventuring until you finally hit 100% fame and combat reputation. You are done!

    From then on, Max out Magical Training, take a few Dragon taming to max out combat skills, then go to Poetry school.

    This maxes EVERYTHING you have, except for humility, faith, and 1 other one.

  2. For your first game though, I agree with the above! Fighter/Worker, but Id take Training instead. EIther way is valid though.
    Then, take Construction or stable. Stable boosts CON which is really valuable. But Construction gives you a nice 15 attack Axe at 50% which is very nice. The DEX is usable too, so either way works.

    The BEST ADVICE I can give though, is to ALWAYS use the 80 gold rest! It has a chance of boosting a stat and it also boosts some of your skills.

    The 200 one also does so a bit better, but it just costs too much early on, and its benefits arent THAT much more than the 80 gold one.

    Simply put, the 80 gold removes 60 fatigue. Doing a free or 20 gold rest is dumb because it wastes your time.
    Once you have even a FIRST TIER job so it doesnt fail, a week is worth 50 gold.
    A free rest removes 15 fatigue, 20 gold = 30 fatigue. So its better to pay 20, and work an extra week.
    Its even better to pay 80 for -60stress and that is good for a good 200 gold worth of work. Doing so improves work skills, stats, etc. Doing low tier resting does nothing at all for you.

  3. Yes, really great advice, Joe, thanks for sharing with our readers, I am sure that now with two strategies it will make heroic life a breeze for everyone! :)

  4. Do Fighter/Worker/Training

    Do Construction until 50 using 80 gold rest. Then spend money on combat training and start doing dungeons. Once you start doing dungeons, use 200 gold rest. Use Magic whenever possible. Work in Guard post. Try to get to level 4 combat ASAP.

    Once you have 100 magic rep start doing priest training to lower sin and raise humility/compassion.

  5. hey y finis the game i think ? because i dont have any new mision and y have 60 month left wit almost all at 100 whats next

  6. whats a better tier tire 1 or 5? cause what i got was brilliant poet tier 4 for my first run throiug worth about50000 then my second run through i got brilliant tutor of combat tier 5 worth around 50000 again which was a better one/

  7. If you zoom in to 400%, scroll down and you will see the
    “begin apprenticeship” Button.

    Set it too what rewards you want for a new character and it will be added to your


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