Top 10 Sports Games To Play On PC and Consoles

In the world of sports games, there are many different options to choose from, whether you’d like to play alone or with friends.

We decided to collect the best options in one article for you to pick.


FIFA 21 is another part of the most famous soccer simulators series, released in October 2020. Many users have once again accused the developers that the game does not differ from the previous one (FIFA 20), but we should note various changes:

  • The coach’s career mode has been changed: an interactive match simulation has been added, allowing you to get in and out of a match at any time.
  • Improved training and player development system.
  • Improved AI, which means more meaningful actions both in attack and defence.
  • Realistic transfers.

Despite the enormous criticism, FIFA 21 was a success and once again collected an excellent cash income (in October 2020, it was the most downloaded game on PS4).

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NBA 2K21

NBA 2k21 is the 22nd game in the NBA 2k series, released in September 2020 on PC and all previous generation consoles, and a little later, in November, the game was released on new generation consoles.

Many might think that the NBA 2k series is similar to the same FIFA, where each new instalment is notable only for slightly improved graphics, fixing some bugs, and updating team rosters. But no, because the developers from 2K, besides all of the above, are adding brand new modes and different game mechanics.

Thus, it’s worth mentioning the extended career mode for single-player fans, as well as the addition of a new throwing system. Also, note the splendid animation and excellent graphics.

F1 2020

For several years F1 racing series from Codemasters has been bringing happiness to millions of fans worldwide, and F1 2020 is not an exception. For the beginning, we need to mention the added brand new My Team mode that allows gamers to create their racing team.

More than two dozen tracks, a large car park, detailed car tuning, career and multiplayer, including split-screen, and much more are waiting for the players.

However, it should be mentioned that not all racing fans will like this game. F1 2020 is a relatively “niche” one because not all the genre fans are interested in “Formula 1” racing.


The developers decided to bring back the old memories and created Knockout City: a dynamic game where two teams of three people throw balls at each other. Immediately worth noting is the multiplayer mode of an entirely new type filled with fun and the spirit of competition!

The idea, as well as its implementation, was excellent. The gameplay was also quite deep, and the matches were incredibly entertaining, as you’re sure to see extraordinary moments in each of them.


“Nostalgia is a powerful thing,” that’s what the developers from Activision thought and released the remake of the first two parts of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater: an incredibly popular skateboarding simulator that was released in 1999 and 2000!

The developers did everything intelligently: they took elements of the original games and modernized them to modern equipment. Thus, all outdated aspects have been greatly improved!

Besides, the game looks fantastic from the visual point of view: there was a great emphasis on realism, which the developers achieved with new lighting and particle effects. The controls also lent themselves to changes (in line with modern realities).

Also, note that the creators transferred the original list of skateboarders and most of the soundtrack!

Thus, the remake deserves special attention and praise, all thanks to the combination of exciting and straightforward gameplay, nostalgia, great visuals, and a lot of content.


Hunting Simulator 2 is a hunting simulator in which players have to go into the wilderness and hunt various animals.

Immediately after its release, Hunting Simulator 2 received mixed reviews, but the game boasts 160 weapons and 33 different types of animals scattered throughout Texas, Colorado, and Europe.

If you’re primarily in need of realism, Hunting Simulator 2 is the way to go. There are dozens of accessories, clothing, and equipment items. However, the most significant advantage is that in Hunting Simulator 2, you can hunt with your dog, who will be your faithful companion!


Football Manager is a super-popular series of soccer management simulations. Each part includes professional, semi-professional, amateur, and national teams, which the player can manage as a manager (i.e., signing contracts and managing budgets).

FM 2021 is the newest part of the series, but users have heavily criticized it for its substantial similarity to the previous one (FM 2020). Nevertheless, there are a few differences:

The game has become more complex: FM 2019 was straightforward, but FM 2021 is much more complex and realistic. Thus, just like in the good old days, players have to guess at tactics and adjust to the opponent!

The transfer market has become more logical: it is now much more challenging to sell a player. Computer-controlled managers began to pay attention not only to the auto value of the player but also to his salary.


Dirt 5 is a racing simulator focused on a variety of off-road races. It is the fourteenth game in the Colin McRae Rally series and the eighth in the Dirt series.

Different races are available here: rally-cross, ice races, super-truck races in stadiums, off-road buggy races. In addition, the players will have to compete in different events in countries such as the U.S., Brazil, China, Italy, and Norway.

The dynamic weather system, which directly affects the races, and the split-screen system (up to four players) are worth noting.


This game is an online sports simulator dedicated to minigolf. The single-player mode in Golf With Your Friends is also present, but multiplayer that allows 12 users to play simultaneously is the most interesting. There are seven ready-made locations for the minigolf game in Golf With Your Friends and a built-in editor that allows you to create new levels.


Sports MMO, where the most “adrenaline” sports are waiting for you: downhill skiing or snowboarding, paragliding, and jumping with a wing-suit. You can try all this on any of the several highest mountain peaks of the world, available in Steep. And, of course, you can have fun in this way in the company of friends, broadcasting the process directly to social networks and comparing your achievements with the results of other players.