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How Old is Mitsuri: Every Main Characters Age, Birthday & Height



Mitsuri Kanroji

Evil presence Slayer  Kimetsu No Yaiba has taken the anime world by storm with its grasping storyline, breathtaking liveliness, and vital characters. One of the foremost captivating angles of the arrangement is the assorted cast of characters, each with their claim one of a kind characteristics and backgrounds. In this article, we are going to dive into the ages, birthdays, and statues of the most characters of Devil Slayer, shedding light on the captivating world made by Koyoharu Gotouge.

1. Tanjiro Kamado: The Heartfelt Protagonist

Age: 16 
Birthday: July 14th 
Height: 165 cm / 5’5″

16-year-old Tanjiro Kamado stands as the heart of the mataderos, captivating the audience with his great love and determination. His personality is characterized by his strong responsibility and constant efforts to protect his younger brother, Nezuko. Tanjiro’s journey from a humble coal dealer to a talented evil presence seeker may be a confirmation to his quality and internal quality. 

In spite of all the hardships and desperate hardships, Tanjiro proceeds his mission to spare Nezuko’s humankind and look for equity for his family. His tender deportment and cherish for both people and evil spirits make him honorable as he interfaces with the gathering of people on a profound passionate level. The character of Tanjiro encapsulates the substance of hope and diligence, making him a motivation within the world of movement.

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2. Nezuko Kamado: The Silent Protector

Age: 14
Birthday: December 28th 
Height: 153 cm / 5’0″

Nezuko Kamado, matured 14, experiences a significant change in Evil presence Slayer, transitioning from an ordinary young lady to a devil. In spite of this alter, Nezuko oversees her humankind, exhibiting a surprising strength and quality of character. Her unflinching devotion and cherish for her brother Tanjiro are central topics all through the arrangement, highlighting the control of familial bonds. Nezuko’s hush, a result of her change, serves as a strong update of the penances she has made for her family and her commitment to securing them. 

In spite of her evil spirit nature, Nezuko illustrates kindness and compassion, regularly putting herself at extraordinary chances to help Tanjiro and his companions. Her character improvement could be a confirmation to the series’ investigation of recovery and the complexity of great and fiendish, making Nezuko a really compelling and extraordinary character within the world of anime.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma: The Reluctant Hero

Age: 16
Birthday: September 3rd 
Height: 164.5 cm / 5’5

Zenitsu Agatsuma, matured 16, could be a character of contrasts in Devil Slayer, displaying both weakness and bravery in rise to degree. In spite of his introductory hesitance to be a Evil presence Slayer and his consistent fear of passing, Zenith has exceptional aptitude in Thunder Breathing strategies, making him an imposing warrior when he overcomes his uneasiness.

 His minutes of bravery, frequently impelled by his profound devotion to his companions, are a confirmation to his character development all through the arrangement. Zenitsu’s energetic identity, characterized by his comedic tricks and emotional upheavals, includes profundity to the gathering energetic and gives much-needed comedian help in serious and genuine circumstances. His inner battle with his fears and his want to ensure others make him a relatable and charming character, resounding with gatherings of people on an individual level.

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4. Inosuke Hashibira: The Wild Warrior

Age: 15
Birthday: April 22nd 
Height: 164 cm / 5’5″

nInosuke Hashibira, matured 15, could be a character characterized by his wild and untamed nature in Evil spirit Slayer. Raised by pigs, he shows a furious and primal mien, frequently leaning toward to charge headfirst into fight. Inosuke’s brash and willful identity regularly leads to funny and energizing minutes, giving an interesting energetic inside the gathering. In spite of his harsh outside, Inosuke shapes profound bonds with his companions, illustrating a dependability and camaraderie that gives a false representation of his intense outside. 

His eagerness to put himself in harm’s way for the purpose of his companions exhibits a more delicate and compassionate side to his character. Inosuke’s character advancement all through the arrangement highlights the complexity of his identity, making him a compelling and multifaceted character within the world of Evil presence Slayer.

5. Mitsuri Kanroji: The Enigmatic Love Hashira

Age: 19
Birthday:  june 1st 
Hight: 167 cm / 5’6”

Mitsuri Kanroji, matured 19, may be a standout character in Devil Slayer, known for her captivating identity and impressive combat abilities as the Adore Hashira. In spite of her scaring title, Mitsuri is characterized by her cheerful mien and compassionate nature, frequently appearing thoughtfulness and compassion towards others. Her special Cherish Breathing methods, which center on unleashing obliterating assaults with her whip-sword, highlight her quality and ability in battle.

What sets Mitsuri apart is her capacity to adjust her furious battling capacities with her kind-hearted nature, making her a complex and multifaceted character. She profoundly cares for her individual Evil spirit Slayers, appearing an honest to goodness concern for their well-being and shaping solid bonds with them. Mitsuri’s character includes profundity and abundance to the arrangement, exhibiting the differing qualities of identities inside the Evil presence Slayer Corps and making her a cherished character among fans.

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Main Characters Age, Birthday, Weight & Height

Tanjiro KamadoJuly 14th16165 cm / 5’5″134 lbs / 61 kgDemon Slayer
Nezuko KamadoDecember 28th14153 cm / 5’0″99 lbs / 45 kgDemon
Inosuke HashibiraApril 22nd15164cm / 5’5″139 lbs / 63 kgDemon Slayer
Zenitsu AgatsumaSeptember 3rd16164.5 cm / 5’5″128 lbs / 58 kgDemon Slayer
Genya ShinazugawaJanuary 7th16180 cm / 5’11”168 lbs / 76 kgDemon Slayer
Kanao TsuyuriMay 19th16156 cm / 5’2″101 lbs / 46 kgDemon Slayer/Tsuguko
Sanemi ShinazugawaNovember 29th21179 cm / 5’11”165 lbs / 75 kgWind Hashira
Shinjuro RengokuUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownDemon SlayerFormer Flame Hashira
Kyojuro RengokuMay 10th20177 cm / 5’10”159 lbs / 72 kgFlame Hashira
Jigoro KuwajimaUnknown60+UnknownUnknownFormer Thunder Hashira
Sakonji UrokodakiUnknown60+UnknownUnknownFormer Water Hashira
Kanae KochoUnknown17UnknownUnknownFlower Hashira
Shinobu KochoFebruary 24th18151 cm / 5’0″82 lbs / 37 kgInsect Hashira
Muichiro TokitoAugust 8th14160 cm / 5’3″123 lbs / 56 kgMist Hashira
Tengen UzuiOctober 31st23198 cm / 6’6″209 lbs / 95 kgSound Hashira
Gyomei HimejimaAugust 23rd27220 cm / 7’3″287 lbs / 130 kgStone Hashira
Obanai IguroSeptember 15th21162 cm / 5’4″117 lbs / 53 kgSerpent Hashira
Mitsuri KanrojiJune 1st19167 cm / 5’6″123 lbs / 56 kgLove Hashira
Giyu TomoikaFebruary 8th21176 cm / 5’9″152 lbs / 69 kgWater Hashira
Muzan KibutsujiUnknown10,000+179 cm / 5’11”165 lbs / 75 kgTwelve Kizuki Leader/Demon


Demon Slayer  Kimetsu No Yaiba has captured gatherings of people over the world with its captivating portrayal, astonishing development, and different outfit of characters..The ages, birthdays, and statues of the most characters give understanding into their identities and foundations, including profundity and complexity to their characters. 

This consideration to detail makes them more relatable and charming to watchers, as they can see themselves reflected within the battles and triumphs of these characters.Mitsuri Kanroji and the other Devil Slayers exemplify the quality of the human soul within the comfort of misfortune. 

Their faithful assurance and strength rouse groups of onlookers to confront their possess challenges with strength and trust. The effect of Mitsuri and her comrades expands past the screen, resounding with watchers long after the arrangement has finished. In this way, Devil Slayer has not as it were engaged but also propelled an era of anime fans, taking off an enduring bequest within the world of entertainment.

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How Tall is Torbjorn: Overwatch 2 Characters Heights & Ages




Overwatch 2 Characters

Within the dynamic world of Overwatch 2, heroes come in all shapes and sizes, each possessing special capacities and foundations. Among the program of characters, their statutes change essentially, from towering monsters to petite people. In this article, we’ll dig into the statutes and ages of Overwatch 2 heroes, shedding light on the different cast of characters.

The Tallest Heroes:

At the summit of tallness stands Reinhardt, towering at an noteworthy 7 feet 4 inches, taken after closely by Bastion and Winston at 7 feet 3 inches. These imposing figures rule the war zone with their forcing stature, encapsulating quality and strength.

The Average Heights:

Heroes like Collector, Warrior: 76, and Cassidy stand at a more normal stature of 6 feet 1 inch, whereas others like Pharah and Widowmaker still command consideration at 5 feet 11 inches and 5 feet 9 inches, individually. In spite of their marginally shorter stature, they demonstrate that measure is no deterrent within the battle for equity.

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The Petite Yet Mighty:

Among the heroes of Overwatch 2 are those of littler stature, such as Tracer at 5 feet 4 inches and Lúcio at 5 feet 3 inches. In spite of their minute measure, they make up for it with nimbleness, speed, and a tireless soul that knows no bounds.

Ages of the Heroes:

Past their physical qualities, the heroes of Overwatch 2 moreover shift in age, extending from energetic wonders to prepared veterans. Resound, the most youthful among them at 14, speaks to the potential and guarantee of the following era, whereas stalwarts like Reinhardt and Ana gloat decades of involvement and intelligence.

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The Evolution of Characters:

It’s captivating to see how the ages and foundations of Overwatch 2 heroes have advanced over time. From the early days of Overwatch to the show, each character has experienced development and change, forming them into the heroes we know and adore nowadays.

Investigating Torbjorn’s Tallness: 

Torbjorn, the bright design known for his turret-building ability, stands at an unassuming stature of 4 feet 7 inches. In spite of his little stature, Torbjorn’s commitments to the group are priceless, as he gives fundamental cautious back and innovative ability on the front line.

The Effect of Stature on Gameplay: 

Whereas tallness could appear like an unimportant physical characteristic, it can really have suggestions for gameplay. Taller heroes may display bigger hitboxes, making them simpler targets, whereas littler heroes may be more spry and harder to hit. Understanding the statues of Overwatch 2 heroes can give bits of knowledge into their qualities and shortcomings in the war zone.

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Exploring Torbjorn’s Height:

Torbjorn, the bright design known for his turret-building ability, stands at a humble tallness of 4 feet 7 inches. In spite of his little stature, Torbjorn’s commitments to the group are priceless, as he gives basic protective bolster and innovative mastery of the war zone.

  • Strategic Advantage: Torbjorn’s tallness gives him a strategic advantage by permitting him to require cover behind impediments and stay less obvious to adversary fire. This empowers him to set up his turret in vital areas without drawing as much consideration to himself, successfully reinforcing his team’s defenses.
  • Maneuverability: Being shorter than most heroes permits Torbjorn to explore tight spaces and reach zones that taller heroes may battle to get to. This gives him an advantage in outline traversal and situating, permitting him to shock adversaries and set up ambushes more effectively.
  • Engineering Ability: Torbjorn’s littler stature is complemented by his specialized ability, making him an ace at building and keeping up turrets. His capability in designing permits him to optimize turret situations for greatest scope and viability, assisting upgrading his esteem to the team.
  • Adaptability: In spite of his tallness, Torbjorn demonstrates to be a flexible saint able to adjust to different combat circumstances. Whether protecting a point or driving an hostile thrust, his compact measure permits him to stay spry and responsive, guaranteeing that he can fulfill his part viably in any situation.

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Within the world of Overwatch 2, differences reigns supreme, not as it were within the capacities and abilities of its heroes but too in their physical properties and ages. From towering monsters to petite wonders, each character brings something one of a kind to the table, enhancing the embroidered artwork of this dynamic and energetic universe. So, the other time you step into the shred, take a minute to appreciate the statutes and ages of these surprising heroes who stand joined together within the battle for distant better; a much better;a higher; a stronger; an improved” a higher world.

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Training Slayer Mod APK Download (Latest V50.0) For Android




Slayer game

An android themed game with many characters and roles developed by MOKH STUDIOS. Those who love adventure games will enjoy this a lot. It has countless features and characters. The most important character of this game is Female Slayer.

It is one of the unique video games that include Demon Slayer as an example for the main character, which is a woman. It has a special fan base due to its different and unique focus on the game There are no time limitations, but if you want to become a pro player you need to interface with all the difficult challenges in the game to win.

Training Slayer

Also Read: How Old is Mitsuri: Every Main Characters Age, Birthday & Height


  1. Unlimited wealth: you can explore the entire game, because you have a chance to be alive in the entire game. The players can explore all the levels for free.
  2. Offline available: You can play this game anytime and anywhere without worrying about the internet connection. This helps you dive deep into the game without any halt
  3. Upgradation: Players have new features to develop, ensuring that players don’t lose interest in the game.
  4. Audio quality: High definition audio and visuals are available to the players.
  5. Multiplayer: You can enjoy playing with your friends. 
  6. Support different languages: You can change the language settings and play games in that specific language.
  7. Incredible graphics: Graphics includes smooth animations of lush forests, dungeons , intricate environments with vibrant colors and vigorous thunder. The graphical fidelity in Training Slayer enhances the overall gameplay experience, bringing the game’s world to life and adding to the excitement and immersion for players.

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New Change log in the latest version v51.0-1

  • Added a new outfit, Suma.
  • Added a new outfit to Makio.
  • Added the 3 Wives to the UI.
  • Added a new outfit to Hinamatsuri.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Suma route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Makio route.
  • Added 4 new scenes to the Hinamatsuri route.
  • Added Spooning scene to Suma route.
  • Added Spooning scene to Makio route.
  • Added Spooning scene to Hinatsuru route.
  • Added Standing 69 scene to Mitsuri.

Training Slayer Mod APK Download (Latest V50.0) For Android


1. How to get all characters unlocked in Training Slayer?

Try the MOD version of the game or use in-game money to unlock all the characters in the game

2. Can I play the Training Slayer Game offline?

Yes, this animated 3D game offers online and offline gameplay. Moreover, you can also play different game modes in offline gameplay.

3. What Is a Training Slayer?

It is an Android game with a variety of game modes. You may play it offline and download it for free. While playing, it provides excellent performance with little to no lag and crystal-clear audio.

4. Is it safe to download this APK?

You must download the app from our website because it is a third-party one. Can I download it on a PC?

Yes, it works with Android and Windows computers as well. 

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Training Slayer is an extraordinary APK and this is accessible free of charge. A brilliant opportunity for game lovers The Training Slayer is the best mod app to control all aspects of the official Training Slayer game. Plus, the app will make every challenge easy by unlocking all the locked features at zero investment..

Training Slayer offers an action-packed gaming experience filled with intense combat, strategic gameplay, and captivating features. The game’s stunning graphics bring the world to life, immersing players in visually impressive environments and thrilling battles. With diverse game modes, including a compelling campaign, challenging multiplayer battles, and engaging survival and challenge modes, there is something for every player preference.

The customization options, skill upgrades, and weapon variety allow for personalized playstyles and character progression. The intuitive user interface, responsive controls, and immersive audio design contribute to a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Training Slayer is a must-play for those seeking adrenaline-fueled excitement and the thrill of becoming the ultimate slayer.

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Video Games Unleashing The Power Of Online Gaming




Unleashing The Power Of Online Gaming

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the World of Gaming’s user-friendly interface may be a confirmation to its commitment to giving a consistent gaming encounter. Upon landing on the location, clients are greeted with a smooth and instinctive plan that produces exploring through diverse segments a breeze.

Whether you’re looking for your favorite casino recreations or investigating sports betting opportunities, the platform’s interface guarantees simply can discover what you’re seeking out for rapidly and effortlessly. 

This user-centric approach sets separated from other online gaming stages, making it a favored choice for gamers of all levels of involvement. With its clean format and easy-to-use route, makes it basic for clients to plunge into the world of online gaming without any bother.

Computer gaming

A Plethora of Gaming Options: Catering to Every Taste

One of’s standout highlights is its tremendous determination of gaming alternatives, catering to a wide extent of tastes and inclinations. Whether you are a fan of classic casino diversions like openings and blackjack or lean toward the fervor of live merchant encounters, has something for everybody. 

Furthermore, sports wagering devotees will discover bounty to appreciate, with an assortment of wearing occasions accessible for wagering. This assorted run of gaming choices sets separated from its competitors, guaranteeing that there’s continuously something unused and energizing to investigate on the platform. 

Whether you’re seeking out a recognizable favorite or enthusiastic to undertake something unused, has you secured with its broad choice of recreations.

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Security and Safety: Protecting Your Gaming Experience

Within the advanced age, security is fundamental, particularly when it comes to online gaming stages. gets it this, which is why it prioritizes the security and security of its clients. The stage utilizes vigorous encryption conventions to ensure users’ individual data and monetary exchanges, guaranteeing that they can appreciate a secure and secure gaming environment

This commitment to security sets separated from other online gaming stages, giving clients peace of intellect knowing that their gaming exercises are protected from cyber dangers. By prioritizing security, guarantees that clients can appreciate their gaming encounter without any stress.

Exciting Bonuses and Promotions: Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Gaming Experience offers a range of energizing rewards and advancements that include an additional layer of energy to the gaming involvement. From welcome rewards for modern clients to devotion programs for customary players, there are a bounty of openings to boost your rewards and amplify your gaming sessions. 

These rewards and advancements are planned to remunerate players for their devotion and keep them locked in with the stage. By advertising these motivating forces, guarantees that players are continually persuaded to investigate unused diversions and proceed their gaming travel. 

Whether you are an unused player looking to kickstart your gaming involvement or a prepared professional looking to maximize your rewards, has the correct reward or advancement for you.

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Customer Support: Ensuring a Seamless Experience

Within the world of online gaming, client bolster is vital. gets it this, which is why it offers a responsive customer bolster group that’s accessible around the clock to help clients with any issues or questions they may have. 

Whether you’re encountering specialized challenges or basically require clarification on a gaming include, the client bolster group is committed to giving provoking and accommodating help. 

This commitment to client back guarantees that clients can appreciate a consistent gaming involvement without any interferences. By advertising dependable client bolster, sets itself apart as a stage that really cares approximately its users’ gaming involvement.

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In conclusion, rises as a driving center for online gaming devotees, advertising a comprehensive bundle of highlights and administrations that cater to different gaming inclinations. The platform’s user-friendly interface sets the organizer for a consistent gaming involvement, permitting players to explore easily through its different offerings.

 Its wide cluster of gaming choices, extending from classic casino diversions to live merchant encounters and sports wagering, guarantees that there’s something for everybody, notwithstanding their gaming interests.

Moreover,’s commitment to security and security is commendable, with vigorous encryption conventions shielding users’ individual and money related data. The platform’s liberal rewards and advancements assist upgrading the gaming encounter, giving players extra motivating forces to investigate modern recreations and maximize their winnings.

With responsive client bolster accessible round-the-clock, guarantees that players can appreciate a hassle-free gaming involvement without any intrusions. Generally, stands out as a head goal for online gaming, advertising a compelling blend of amusement, security, and convenience.

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