3nyan-questIf yesterday we had a poor offering of escape the room games, today the flash game developers seem to wish to make it up and they’re offering quite a few solid, high quality escape the room games – and 3nyan Quest is today’s daily escape game, beaten by another Escape the room title for the game of the day award.

In 3nyan Quest there are three different endings you can go for and quite a lot of areas to explore and puzzles to solve. Really complex yet fun to play, this is a title of a really high quality all fans of the genre should try.

Also remember to check back a bit later here in the Unigamesity if you get stuck, as I am going to write a walkthtough for this great title! Until then visit this link and have fun trying to finish 3nyan Quest!

UPDATE: As promised, here is the 3nyan Quest Walkthrough.