escape-from-the-madnessThe Madness series is quite popular over a the Newgrounds portal and it seems only natural to have an escape the room game connected to the series. Escape from the Madness is pretty humorous and it all comes in black and white with a few exceptions: it features quite some blood baths (so it’s not recommended to minors!), and it’s quite simple to finish and play.

Escape from the Madness is more of a “find the object and use it in the right place” type of escape the room game and it features basically no puzzles – still, it manages to stay fun and provide a pretty decent gameplay experience. And, to be honest, there ain’t too many escape the room games released today, so there’s not like you have a choice. You know…

So head over to Newgrounds and give Escape from the Madness a try. You’ll be done a few seconds after starting (shame on you!), but maybe a better and more challenging game will be released later. We’ll see. Until then… have fun!


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