sassy-cat-escapeI must admit that I really like flash game developers who do their best when creating an escape the room game – a genre that, otherwise, probably has very few innovations left to be discovered. However, Sassy Cat Escape developers Escapefever at least tried their best and created an awesomely looking game, and that’s always a plus compared to the regular game with crappy visuals.

Also, except for the great visuals in today’s best escape the room game, Sassy Cat Escape also delivers a nice game experience, with quite a few puzzles to be solved and a cat you’ll soon start to hate but, hey, you have to listen to the cat!

There are maybe a bit too many pixel hunting bits and some things might not seem as logical as you might wish they were, but most of the escape the room games deliver a much poorer quality, so Sassy Cat Escape is really a must play game. And I really want to get more from its developers.

Click here to play Sassy Cat Escape. Have fun!