chaos-racerIt rarely happens for a racing/car game to win the free flash game of the day award here in the Unigamesity, but when that happens it’s obviously a really high quality game. The same applies to Chaos Racer, a game from, and one you will certainly play for a while before admitting to be unable to finish it.

The game tells the story (pretty strange for a car game, but an added bonus nevertheless) of a 4×4 off-road vehicle owner who travels through the dessert trying to beat all the obstacles ahead. And why is this cool? Check out the developer’s official description to get the grip:

Chaos Racer is a hybrid of a mechanics-based puzzle game (think “Incredible Machine” or “Armadillo Run”) and a realistic 2-D off-road racing simulator (think “Elastomania”) featuring arcade elements (such as bonuses and special abilities).”

In other words, we’ll have to think before starting to drive, we’ll have to figure out how to solve the puzzles, we’ll even have to test our reflexes in a few challenges and, most important, we’ll always have fun with Chaos Racer.

A bit too short in my opinion and a bit too difficult in the later stages, Chaos Racer still remains a great free flash game and I am sure that all you flash game lovers will enjoy playing it. To give it a try, simply follow the link below and have fun!

Click here to play Chaos Racer.