sep=screenshotSome argue that the Japanese developers are delivering the best escape the room games and I’m not going to debate on that, but one thing is clear: they’re the most prolific developers and I am sure that when they’ll stop creating escape the room games, the genre would be already long gone and forgotten.

But until that happens (if it ever happens), we have another very nice escape the room title to recommend today: Sep. Unlike most of the games that hit the internet on a daily basis, this obviously has some depth and will be quite challenging, even for the experienced players.

Fortunately, the challenge won’t come from idiotic puzzles or something similar, which is always great to hear. The visuals are also pretty cool and the play time should be enough to make you thirsty. So drink some water (yes, that was totally random, I know!).

Now click here to play Sep, today’s recommended escape the room game.