escape=from-the meeting roomThe daily escape feature is here to suggest one more hot escape the room game – Escape from the Meeting Room, a pretty solid and nice Japanese game (I kept saying that the Japanese can deliver the best escape the room games and I was right) you simply have to try on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon. Or whenever you’re reading this.

I do believe that many of the people who have a job will find Escape from the Meeting Room a truly inspirational game and they’ll do their best to finish it without any bit of help: after all, nobody loves the meetings at the office – except for the boss’s birthday when he brings in the party girls.

That’s not the case here – actually, Escape from the Meeting Room is your regular, grey-ish escape the room game filled with puzzles and all sorts of objects that would normally be in completely different places. But we won’t complain and in the end we’ll be satisfied, especially since we’ll have lots of exploring to do and many places to stick our curious nose into. In the end… another room we’ve escaped from!

Click here to play Escape from the Meeting Room.