Another month has passed, so it’s the right time to check out the best flash games of the month, excluding the daily escape feature that also is filled with hot flash games you can enjoy for free. But let’s see which were the previous month’s best games and replay them, because they’re all worth it!

Vox Populi, Vox Dei – an innovative platformer with lots of vampires and blood. A joy to play!

My Pet Protector – an incredibly complex and well done RPG that will keep you hooked for hours: will you become a super warrior or a nobody?

Zombie Baseball – plain of fun here without any further complications. Simply hit the ball and let the brains roll!

Alchemia – fans of the point and click adventure genre will love this game and others will certainly enjoy it too. Another high quality title!

Hex Empire – strategy to the fullest, maximum replayability. It becomes a bit too easy after a while, but it’s still a nice turn based strategy game we should all try!

Toss the Turtle – you had fun throwing the hedgehog as far as possible, now it’s time to toss the turtle. Lots of options and upgrades in one hell of a flash game!

Escape of Romeo and Juliet – will they live or will they die? Re-write the lovers’ love story and experience innovation of the genre, since this is probably the first escape the room game that allows you to control two different characters.

Noodle Shop – manage the time correctly, press the right buttons and become the best noodle shop owner in the world. Can your panda handle it?

Haunted The Trapped Soul – another escape the room game, a very spooky one too that shouldn’t be played with the lights turned off. A must play, though!

Sonic Final Fantasy X6 – combining Sonic the Hedgehog with Final Fantasy can only have one result: one incredible game. Try it!

Zombie Farm – a little country has to be brain-eaten. You are the master zombie, take care of the population and destroy the humans. It’s fun!

Cake Pirate – strange creatures want to eat your sweets. With flour towers and other similar weapons, you must stop them no matter what. In other words, a great tower defense flash game.

Dead Frontier: Outbreak – I was really impressed with this little multiple choice game and it even made me sign up for the MMO (which kind of sucks, by the way). This game, however, still remains awesome.

Crush the Castle: Players Pack – even more challenges for the original game that had tremendous success.

Mushroom Madness – no matter if they make you happy or not, the mushrooms must be saved from hedgehogs, bears and birdies. It’s really fun to do it, trust me!

Plants vs. Zombies – the hit casual game from Pop Cap got a free to play flash port. A bit shorter than the original and not quite as fun, it still remains a great alternative since, well… it’s free to play!

Chaos Racer – test your driving and puzzle solving skills. Both in the same game. Interested?

And these were the best flash games we could play in September 2009. If you know others that aren’t here on the list, feel free to share the knowledge with the world. If not… keep visiting the Unigamesity for even more flash goodness!