plants-vs-zombies-flashPopCap Games decided to offer us a great and pleasant surprise: the chance to play their hit casual game Plants vs. Zombies completely free, straight in our browser! And if we are to judge from the fact that this game has been so incredibly popular and appreciated by the entire world, we can say that we indeed have an awesome gift. That’s why Plants vs. Zombies receives it’s first award as a flash game: Unigamesity’s free flash game of the day award!

Even though the free flash version of Plants vs. Zombies doesn’t offer the entire depth of the full game, it still is pretty huge: three game modes (Adventure, Survival and Vasebreaker), 14 levels (in the adventure), 12 plant types and six different zombies, out of which one is completely new and only exists in the flash version. Now that’s something we should all love!

In case you didn’t try Plants vs. Zombies yet, you should know that it is a fun casual strategy game similar to tower defense games. In the game, you have all sorts of mean zombies trying to invade your house, but fortunately you also have all sorts of plants to help you protect it. From exploding cherries to over-protective potatoes, all the fun plants are in there and it’s up for you to decide how to use them in order to best protect your house from the zombies.

The game will be learned in just a few clicks, but the addiction level can reach epic proportions. So consider yourself warned!

And now feel free to taste greatness: click here to head over to PopCap’s official website to play the free version of Plants vs. Zombies. If you decide to go and purchase the full version of the game (that features more challenges, plants and zombies), head over to Big Fish Games and download it!