If you somehow got stuck while playing the first Christmas-themed escape the room game Tannenbaum Escape, you should not worry anymore as I have the complete walkthrough for you, a step by step guide telling you what to do in order to beat the game. So read on the Tannenbaum Escape solution and have fun escaping the room!

Full Tannenbaum Escape walkthrough:

1. Pick up blue ornament on the floor, in front of the door.
2. Click in the space between the Christmas tree and the black and white sofa and get the red ornament.
3. Go left and click to the left of the cabinet, where it meets the wall – get green ornament.
4. Go left and click on the top side of the pillow, pick up the yellow ornament.
5. Go left and click under the hutch to get lightbulb.
6. Go left and click drag and drop the light bulb on the lamp (you might have to click the lamp afterwards to turn it on). Note the color pattern, it tells you how to place the ornaments on the Christmas Tree.
7. Place the red one on the highest branch, the yellow one below, then the blue one, then the green one. Note the numbers (5, 7, 2, 11 will be the code)
8. Go left twice and click the nightstand to the right. Consider that each colored circle is a watch and set them all to the indicated hour (red on – 5 o’clock by clicking 5 times, green one – click 7 times, blue twice and yellow 11).
9. Open the drawer above and get envelope. Click it to read poem from Santa and notice that the first letter of each line gives you the code: 9, 4, 5.
10. Go left to the hutch and click on the small drawer to the right. Enter the code 945 and get the key.
11. Go left and drag the key to the middle of the door. You’re out!