sniper=4-walkthroughA new game in the Sniper Assassin series has just hit the web, Sniper Assassin 4 and I have prepared a walkthrough for you to guide you through the levels of the even more awesome Sniper Assassin 4 world. Check out the Sniper Assassin 4 walkthrough below and make sure that you finish the game flawlessly. Have fun playing the game here and share your thoughts on the game in the comment section below!

Level 1 (code: Bank Heist): First shoot the man to the right, near the door (holding a pistol) then the two that duck down near the counter to the left.
Level 2 (code: PAPA): keep aiming at the left side of the garage’s door. When it goes up, shoot the man there, then the one hiding above, then the third one heading to the car.
Level 3 (code: CHARLIE): take a shot at the left rope holding the plank.
Level 4 (code: OUTSKIRTS): wait for the guy patrolling on the balcony to get inside the room and take down the one to the left, standing still. Then the one on the balcony. Then wait for the third moving guard to get his back to the fourth, then shoot the fourth, then quickly the remaining one.
Level 5 (code: GIGOLO): You’ll have to take down the guy in the lower left side of the building, the one sitting on the bed.
Level 6 (code: PAR): you will have to act quick: first shoot the guy that’s in the far side of the screen as soon as the level starts, then the one below. Move a little to the left and take down the one hiding in the tree between two branches. Go further left and take down the one there. Go to the extreme right, in the upper side when another guard is hiding in a tree, then go down and take out the one hiding behind the tree. A golf cart should now appear – do your job with the last target.
Level 7 (code: PASSERBY): Keep your target on the belt holding all the tree trunks and when the limo appears, shoot it.
Level 8 (code: APPLE): Here it’s all about the skill: you only have to shoot the arms and the legs, it’s all up for you to do it right. Good luck (or simply skip to the next level!)
Level 9 (code: HORSE POWER): keep pressing “W” and “R” and then, from time to time, E and Q. Let all your stress go!
Level 10 (code: HIDE AND SEEK): first shoot the guard in the left side of the screen, in the far view. Immediately shoot the branch of the tree to hide the guy. Go to the right and shoot the lights off, then take out the guy beneath them. Go left and wait until the guy there gets close to the bushes – take him down so that his fall will take him behind the bushes, also make sure that the one in front isn’t facing that guy. Finally, take out the last guard when he’s near the fountain, so that he falls in it.
Level 11 (code: FOOT LOOSE): Again, it’s up to you to finish this level which is quite simple: simply hit the correct arrow when it reaches the hot spot. You need 50 points to win (there are 103 arrows for you, so you can miss 53!)
Level 12 (code: iron maiden): Press Q five times, and once E. Repeat three times, then press E until fear gets bigger than guts. Click space to question the guy.
Level 13 (code: nocturnal): First of shoot down the rope that keeps the character hanged. Then, make sure you shoot down all glasses (both higher and lower level). Then make sure that you get all the guards nearing the character: first, a wave of three comes from right, one from the left, quickly two from the right, one from the left and one from the right. Now you’re clear until you get down and see that hole in the ground. Shoot the ropes holding the plank above to create a bridge (first, the one to the right). New guards come: two from the left, one from the right, one from the left, one from the right. On the lowest level, two from the right, two from the right and one from the left, one from the left. And it’s done!

Now share your best time with the world! And of course, ask any questions you might have regarding this Sniper Assassin 4 Walkthrough!