I have just shared with you a few methods of making money in FarmVille, but right now I just found out that there is a glitch in FarmVille that lets you make tons of money easily. However, Zynga might know about this so you should act quick and take advantage to make money in FarmVille while you can! Here is what to do (the glitch apparently is available since the Storage option has been introduced) to get quick cheat money in FarmVille:

1. Put one red bard or two storage items and fill them up with different items inside (at least 8). Place the most expensive ones at the end.
2. Click on the barn or storage item and click the arrow to look at the second page of stored items (arrow pointing to the right) then go back left.
3. Now click the “Sell” button on any of the items stored below (on the second row) – and don’t click Accept. Instead, keep clicking on the sell buttons about 7-8 times, then accept the same amount of times. Repeat this until you have all the money in the world and nothing to buy with them!

Remember, though, to act quick because it is very likely that Zynga will remove this money making glitch from FarmVille very soon. Hurry up and have fun!