farmville-more-moneyOne of the biggest problems we have with any game we’re playing is related to money or coins: we never seem to have enough of them and you are certainly wondering how to make more money in FarmVille. I have a few solutions for you for a few extra, quick money, but please have in mind that getting huge amounts of coins without playing for quite a while is impossible!

1. In order to make some quick FarmVille money, you should get as many neighbors as possible (get more FarmVille neighbors here!). There are tons of reasons why having active neighbors is really profitable:

a) You can make some quick money from visiting their farm and help there, then by fertilizing their crops. You can do this just once per day and you only get 20 coins and 5 XP for the first 20 neighbors, then 5 coins and 1 XP.
b) They will send you daily gifts (and sometimes twice per day) and you can either sell the gifts directly from your gift box or plant trees and animal and harvest them after a specific period of time. So never ignore your FarmVille gifts, because that would mean wasting money!
c) They will fertilize your crops, which means extra experience which can be helpful in getting different rewards.
d) They will post on their wall specific achievements and sometimes “Share the wealth”. If you click on their posting, you will get some extra coins. Or you can adopt from them lost animals and sell them for coins!

So yes – more neighbors certainly mean more money for your virtual FarmVille farm!

2. Every day you will win a small amount (up to 4 or 500 coins) in the daily raffle. So remember to log in at least once per day to grab that money!

3. Unlocking ribbons, even though a difficult task, can also give you extra money. For the easiest money giving ribbons, check out this list.

4. Keep being active in FarmVille, plow the land (you can get 100 additional coins every time you plow land – the flying gold coin), place the seeds and harvest the crops to get extra money. So try to plow as much land as possible at first and keep the decorations to a minimum – only after you have a solid base you can start removing plowed lands and take care of the looks of your farm. Remember that FarmVille is a game that requires patience and many weeks under your belt in order to turn you into a mogul!

5. Finally, if you simply can’t be patient enough and you want more money in FarmVille really quick, you can purchase them for real cash. But it would be best for you if you simply followed the instructions above – soon, you will have all the money you will need!

Do you have any other tricks to make more money in FarmVille?