farmville-flipping-coinI remember that one of the biggest question marks when I started playing FarmVille was related to that flying gold coin (at first I thought it was a golden bean and I hit the jackpot!) that appeared while plowing. Probably you are also wondering what is that flying/flipping coin and what does it do. Here is the answer for your question!

Just like many other things in Farmville, the flying coin is called the “flipping coin” and it is nothing but a random event created by Zynga to give you a helping hand in your quest to earn some more money. This means that whenever you plow your land in FarmVille, there is a small chance to find the “treasure”: the flipping coin!

Whenever that flipping coin appears, you will automatically receive 100 coins in your FarmVille account – you don’t have to click it, collect it or anything like that, simply keep plowing and more will come.

I hope that the answer to the flying/flipping coin was really helpful for you and please ask any questions you might have related to FarmVille as I have started working on a full guide/FAQ for the game and I want to cover every aspect FV players are interested in to! So remember to check back on Unigamesity often to get your latest updates on your favorite Facebook games!