As you probably know, you can expand your FarmVille farm quite a few times, but there are some requirements you need to meet in order to do so (unless you wish to spend real money). Below you can check out all the requirements for the FarmVille land expansion. Happy farming!

1. Homestead – Land Size 14×14. Requirements: 8 neighbors and 10,000 coins (or 20 FarmVille Cash, no matter how many neighbors you have)
2. Family Farm – Land Size 16×16. Requirements: 10 neighbors and 25,000 coins (or 20 FarmVille Cash)
3. Big Family Farm – Land Size 18×18. Requirements: 13 neighbors and 50,000 coins (or 20FV Cash)
4. Plantation – Land Size 20×20. Requirements: 16 neighbors and 75,000 coins (or 20FV Cash)
5. Big Ole Plantation – Land Size 22×22. Requirements: 20 neighbors and 250,000 coins (or 30 FV Cash).
6. Mighty Plantation – Land Size 24×24 – coming soon.

It is worth noting that you must purchase your FarmVille land expansions in order, which means that not even if you pay for expansions you can’t get the last expansion directly. Also, as you can see, neighbors play an important part in expanding your farm, so if you don’t have enough, you might want to check out this post to get more Farmville neighbors. Have fun!