Great New FarmVille Feature: Sell Gifts from Gift Box!

Great New FarmVille Feature: Sell Gifts from Gift Box!

farmville-giftboxHaving lots of neighbors in FarmVille is definitely a great thing, but it can become frustrating to receive all the awesome gifts and be unable to use them because of lack of space or whatever reasons you might have. Things will change drastically starting today – read on to find out how!

Until now, users had to ignore the gift requests or, for those who had enough free time, to accept them one by one then place them one by one on their farm, then sell them for some cash. Starting today, Zynga has introduced a new feature in FarmVille: you can directly sell gifts straight from your gift box, with just a click of the mouse, as you can see in the image situated in the upper left corner! That’s simply amazing and will gift us with quite some valuable time now!

Even more, for those who wish to know which friends should be returned the favor, each gift in your gift box will have under it the name of the person who sent it – and it even works with multiple items of the same kind (it will write something like “Person and…”) Pretty cool!

I am pleased to see that tons of improvements are coming to FarmVille and that makes me realize why this game is the best social game on the market at the moment. Farm on!

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Sherry Fox

I’m tired of not getting my locked gifts. Play on iPhone and there aren’t any answers. Can anyone help in plain English?