fishvilleI have just finished writing about the Fall items and new features of FarmVille when I realized that Zynga have just launched a new game, FishVille. So… will we have yet another time waster on our hands, one as flawlessly done as FarmVille? Certainly only time will tell, since the game has just been launched!

Just like the recently released Cafe World, FishVille is not an original concept and somebody else did it before. However, since Zynga are enjoying such an immense popularity, their new game already has over one million users! That’s simply incredible.

So… what is FishVille about? In Zynga’s words, Fishville is “an addictive game where you raise cute baby fish, feed them as they grow, and decorate your fish tanks with friends!”

It is similar to Happy Aquarium, meaning that you will have to buy fish, feed them and sell them. Fish have different growing times and the older they are, the more valuable they are. Also, you can buy decorations, turn your friends into neighbors and enjoy the upcoming new features, as the game seems to still be in Beta Stages.

Although I can’t say if FishVille is as addictive as FarmVille or Cafe World, I must admit that the game seems to run really smooth (unlike Cafe World and FarmVille), and hopefully it will stay like that. Now tell me – did you play FishVille? What was your first impression on the game?